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The selection of cases listed below is a small fraction of the many successful cases undertaken by Beesley and Company Solicitors in the fields of police complaints and personal injury claims in which our clients were awarded substantial compensation.

Nicola Sutton

At an inquest in Warrington we acted successfully for the family of Nicola Sutton, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Barry Stone, following his early release on licence from prison. On recording a narrative verdict of unlawful killing the inquest jury criticised the police, the probation service and the prison service. These agencies were all found to have failed to protect Nicola Sutton through a serious lack of co-operation.

The police and the probation service have since apologised to the family of Nicola Sutton for their failings. Barry Stone was jailed for viciously beating Nicola Sutton and had served only half his 18-month sentence when released. Evidence was shown to the jury that while still in prison Stone sought to have Nicola harmed. The inquest jury found that this malign intent was not properly considered in determining the conditions of Stone's early release. After murdering Nicola Sutton, Barry Stone committed suicide while on remand for the crime.

In a television interview after the verdict Nicola's mother thanked her legal team for their dedication.

Malicious prosecution

Beesley and Company Solicitors have recently recovered damages in excess of £600,000 on behalf of five Claimants who were maliciously prosecuted by the Lancashire Constabulary on allegations relating to the importation of drugs. All five of the individuals were originally unlawfully convicted and having spent some significant periods in custody were released upon the overturning of their convictions by the Court of Appeal. Beesley and Company subsequently settled these damages claims on favourable terms for all five individuals from the Lancashire Constabulary.

Unnecessary arrest

Beesley and Company Solicitors have recently succeeded at trial in a claim against Greater Manchester Police relating to the unnecessary arrest of a 60 year old man of good character. To the best knowledge of both parties to the action this was the first recorded case in the English courts that has gone to trial claiming a breach of Section 110 (5) of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 requiring police officers to consider if it is necessary to arrest and to give reasonable consideration to less intrusive means of achieving the required purpose such as attending as a volunteer for an interview or by way of giving a statement prior to a decision to arrest being made. The court concluded that the arresting officer in the case had not give proper reasonable consideration to less intrusive means and therefore notwithstanding whether there were grounds for arrest the arrest was unlawful as it was not necessary nor prompt. As a result Beesley and Company recovered damages and costs from Greater Manchester Police on behalf of the client.

Assault by prison inmate

Beesley and Company recently successfully concluded a claim against the Ministry of Justice and HM Prison Service for damages for a serving inmate. The inmate had been badly assaulted by another inmate resulting in a significant facial injury caused by a bladed weapon. The claim was pursued on the legal premise that the prison had failed in its duty of care to keep the inmates safe from harm having been placed on notice of a real significant and identified risk of assault on this inmate. The claim was compromised just prior to trial with the Ministry of Justice paying damages and legal costs to the client.

Breach of human rights

Beesley and Company Solicitors recently acted for eleven members of the same family in a claim for breaches of their right to family life under the Human Rights Act following the death of a sibling whilst detained in hospital. All eleven claims were compromised by the NHS and damages paid to each family member along with their legal costs.

Compensation Awards

Below is a small selection of successful compensation claims processed by Beesley Solicitors.

  • Mr A was awarded £22,000 in damages in a successful claim against the police for wrongful arrest.
  • Ms B received £12,000 in damages after the police were found to have assaulted her.
  • Mr C was awarded £30,000 after receiving negligent medical treatment.
  • Mr D was awarded £4,000 after suffering a whiplash injury in a road traffic accident.
  • Mr E was awarded £8,000 after having been a victim of an assault.
  • Mr F was awarded £5,000 following an accident at work.
  • Mr G was awarded £1,800 following being wrongly arrested and falsely imprisoned for a period of six hours.
  • Mr H was awarded £145,000 following the overturning of a conviction and having spent three years and ten months in custody.
  • Miss I was awarded £35,000 following a road traffic accident in which she had ran into the road into collision with a motor car.